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Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC)

In March 2010, Heritage Clubs International, LLC partnered with the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) to better educate our members about the need for copyright compliance when movies and other audiovisual programs are shown.  Your Heritage Club maybe one of many that enjoys movie showings as a fun and affordable member benefit.  Some Club Directors are unaware that showing movies within a bank club requires a public performance license.  The MPLC is an independent copyright licensing vendor exclusively authorized by motion picture studios and producers to issue the MPLC Umbrella LicenseĀ®.  The Umbrella License is an annual copyright license that allows for unlimited exhibitions of movies within your Heritage Club.  Heritage Clubs International has secured special, reduced pricing for our members in order to encourage copyright compliance and promote the wide range of programs available when your club obtains an Umbrella License.


2015 MPLC Umbrella License Fee

    • Heritage Clubs International Member  –  $315
    • Non-member bank clubs  –  $450


Once licensed, an unlimited number of movies can be shown for one low annual license fee. Movies can be obtained by any legal means whether rented, purchased, or borrowed.


  • The MPLC Umbrella license is location specific.  Each club branch requires its own license unless all exhibitions are being held in the same location. 
  • The MPLC Umbrella license is for non-theatrical venues and exhibitions.  The license does not cover showings held in a commercial movie theater.  (Licensing for theatrical venues should be discussed with the theater directly).
  • The MPLC Umbrella license does not apply to motorcoach exhibitions.  This requires a license but most often the coach/line will already have its own license in place. 
  • Content available through online streaming or download services such as Netflix, Hulu, or iTunes are subject to copyright control and require a public performance license just as a DVD does.

 To obtain a license, simply complete the application provided in the 2015 HCI Member MPLC Brochure and send it directly to the MPLC.

 Additional Information

Call the MPLC: (800) 462-8855

MPLC website: www.mplc.org

HCI Member MPLC Brochure 


Safe Passage International

We are pleased to announce that the replacement travel insurance program for GO Travel Protection is now available for Heritage Clubs International participating bank clubs. The program consists of group and individual travel insurance plans known as the "MH Ross Plans".

You will need to complete the following forms and submit them to MH Ross (copies are available for you to download and print, by visiting http://spibrokers.com/MHRoss):

1. Travel Agency/Organization Agreement;
2. Travel AppointmentPersonal Data & Agency Legal Entity form (aka Appointment Information Form);
3. Agency Verification form; and
4. W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form.

You can also obtain copies of these forms by contacting Jon Gerlach (Tel: 303-898-1211, Email: jgerlach@spibrokers.com).

Once MH Ross receives your completed paperwork, they will send you a Welcome Letter containing your Agency Code, Username and Password, allowing you to start booking travelers online in the MH Ross Plans.


Safe Passage International
Lakewood, CO
Jon Gerlach
800-777-7665 ext 210
303-898-1211 Direct


(877) 881-0229

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