Heritage Clubs International, the foremost bank marketing organization in North America, provides education, networking, and innovative travel resources for its members to become the most knowledgeable and successful professionals in their field.  


For the first time ever, Heritage Clubs International hosted its annual Fall Forum in two locations. This year the Fall Forum conference was held in the Quad Cities area in Davenport, Iowa on Monday, November 7, and in Omaha, Nebraska on Friday, November 11. This allowed for more club directors to attend this day-long seminar. The topic of this year’s event was “Retraining” and it attracted many brand-new club directors as well as several with years of experience. A total of 30 bankers attended representing 18 independent banks.

Ted Nelson, HCI’s Executive Director, led the training event starting with a history of Heritage Clubs International’s beginning in 1980 through today and reflecting on the many changes in the banking industry that requires changes in our bank clubs to stay current. This included expanding relationships beyond deposit building to include all relationships in the bank from cash, to lending to commercial. Recommendations included eliminating the age requirements, using a name for the club that does not suggest it is only for senior citizens and providing banking products and travel products spanning all generations. He encouraged participants to build relationships through club programming that would build customer loyalty to the bank, offering ideas on the best way to market to the generations in order to gain new members.

The mix of new and seasoned club directors made for interesting workshop sessions as they practiced creating and marketing trips, non-travel events and education sessions that would be attractive to younger Baby Boomers aged 51-61. Feedback from the attendees on the material was overwhelmingly positive with an overall score of 9.3 out of 10. Many wished they could have spent more time on the subjects.

“The information was excellent and very well presented…I am very grateful for the experience.” – Diane Bieker, Citizens National Bank (Concordia, KS)

“Great conference! Nice to interact with other peers, too.” – Kathy Bengtson, Iowa Falls State Bank

“I loved it! This was very helpful.” – Denise Haptonstahl, F&M Bank (Galesburg, IL)

At Peer Group in March the club directors spent some time discussing the HCI logo and the general opinion was that it was antiquated and needed to be redesigned. Recommendations included making it more fresh and vibrant - more "hip," less boxy and evoking travel and movement as well as banking. A tall order, indeed! HCI listened to those opinions and was pleased to unveil a new “working” version of the logo during Fall Forum. It has been incorporated into the newly released version of the website which uses the same colors and style. The unanimous opinion of this version of the logo and the new website was very positive. They liked the linking of the letters to suggest networking and the movement of the sails suggested travel while the colors were both representing the land, sea and sky and the universal green representing banking.

We hope you enjoy our new website. Please feel free to send us a note to let us know what you think of both the site and the logo.

In addition to club directors, the meeting featured attendance by representatives from the events’ sponsors: Grand Island Convention and Visitors Bureau, Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau, Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau, Globus Family of Brands and Riverboat Twilight.

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