Heritage Clubs International, the foremost bank marketing organization in North America, provides education, networking, and innovative travel resources for its members to become the most knowledgeable and successful professionals in their field.  

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Heritage Clubs International, the foremost bank marketing organization in North America, provides education, networking, and innovative travel resources for its members to become the most knowledgeable and successful professionals in their field.

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All Member call on July 29, 2021 to discuss current travel restrictions
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Eric Andersen with Arch Insurance on August 4, 2021

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Collette's Online Travel Requirements Resource
Use this resource to identify current requirements for the country you are visiting

Executive Director's Letter to Membership 


HCI's Travel Recommendations

The HCI Board of Advisors met recently and agreed that it would be helpful for HCI to make a statement about vaccinations and safe travel, so as to provide some guidance to our bank club directors.  Here is our official statement:

Heritage Clubs International is recommending that all of our bank club members create a sense of safety for all of their travelers regarding the Coronavirus.  By adopting this policy, we expect it will make your travel plans successful by:

  • Improving the safety of every member traveler
  • Building customer confidence to travel immediately
  • Reducing the risk to every bank club of infections on tour
We highly recommend you consider implementing these criteria to allow members to travel with the bank club.  All those who wish to travel with the bank club must meet one of the following 3 criteria:
  • Must be fully (both doses) vaccinated at least 14 days before trip departs OR
  • Must have had Covid in the past 12 months  OR
  • Must have a negative PCR test 72 hours or less before departure

This is, of course, our recommendations today.  Should matters improve across the country, we would consider welcoming other guests. Until then, this is the same policy HCI will be requiring of our delegates attending the 2022 Annual Peer Group Conference in the Quad Cities February 22-26, 2022.

Certified Bank Club Director

HCI's  Certified Bank Club Director (CBCD) program recognizes members for their learning achievements and industry expertise in the industry. We are proud of our CBCD program, the first Professional Certification program for Bank Club Directors in North America.  We encourage our club director members to get certified and be recognized as the most knowledgeable and professional in our industry.

It's easy to sign up. And, once you're certified, you're all done - there are no continuing education requirements.

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Bank Club Directors: As a Heritage Clubs International bank club member, you have exclusive access to the many tools within this site. We are excited for you to use the Best Practices documents when planning for your club. And, we are in the process of building more great resources for you, like the Trip Networking Calendar and a library of photos. Interested in Heritage Clubs Membership? Contact Heritage Clubs today.

Travel Partners: Are you a destination, supplier, travel or bank vendor who markets to bank clubs? Our Travel Partners stay with us year after year because they know that HCI Club Directors are loyal to HCI Travel Partners.  They find that their small investment yields big returns.  Click the link below to learn more about how you can benefit from being part of our exclusive network. Heritage Clubs could be just what you've been looking for.

Who benefits from a Heritage Club?

Everyone involved benefits from your commitment to your customers’ financial, social and physical well-being. Effective Heritage Club leaders introduce their customers to the varied investment options while welcoming them to experience fun, travel and social opportunities. Your bank will benefit too! For providing club members with products and services designed exclusively for them, expect to be rewarded with customer loyalty and a positive “buzz” that will spread throughout your community.

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