Heritage Clubs International, the foremost bank marketing organization in North America, provides education, networking, and innovative travel resources for its members to become the most knowledgeable and successful professionals in their field.  

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As a member and partner of HCI, I have made relationships that will last a life time. I have learned an incredible amount of information about the always changing industry of bank travel. HCI does a tremendous job of educating the bank club directors AND the partners so that there is fluidity and a sense of trust when we work together. I love working with HCI and HCI bank travel clubs!

Ezra Wood
Business Development Manager
Sight & Sound Theatres

CTN Travels has worked with the club directors from HCI for more than 22 years. Of all the trade groups that we work with, this is by far the best group. The club directors have the well being and enjoyment of their club members first in mind. It makes for a good team. We know travel and the directors know their club members. Who could ask for more?” 

Rick Pharr
CTN Travels

“The last few years at Heritage Clubs’ Peer Group show have been great experiences for me. The 10-minute appointments have been a great addition to the show. It has given everyone the opportunity to get to know the Bankers on a one-to-one basis and become more involved with them. I am looking forward to the next Peer Group show in Branson. I think it will be a great show and a really good time!“

Eileen Arnold
Group Tour Manager
Real Racine

HCI Peer Group provides suppliers the opportunity to really network with bank club directors and create long lasting client relationships. I never miss this show!”

Carrie Ford
Director of Sales & Marketing
Roseville Visitors Association

 “HCI Peer Group has consistently been one of the friendliest and most inclusive events I attend as a DMO.  I’ve also booked business, which is what every seller wants as a result of their investment.”

Mary Nelson
Director of Packaged Travel
Visit Duluth


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