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Welcome to the HCI Peer Group Conference, being held VIRTUALLY February 22-26, 2021.

Zoom Resources

How to download Zoom:

Download the Zoom Client: https://zoom.us/download

If you already have Zoom client, check for updates.

Click here to learn more on how to update your Zoom application.

How to sign up for a Zoom account:

You can sign up for a free (or paid) Zoom account at https://zoom.us/signup.

Note: You are not required to have a Zoom account if you are strictly joining Zoom Meetings as an attendee. Click here to learn more about joining a Zoom meeting.

Getting Started with Zoom:


Step-by-Step Guide to Zoom Meetings by SeniorsGuide.com

Zoom one-minute "how-to" videos:


Test your device’s camera and audio:

You can perform a test here: https://zoom.us/test

Zoom Viewing Modes:

There are multiple video layout modes you can choose during a session. For information on changing viewing modes and layouts, please refer to: Zoom Viewing Modes

Zoom Troubleshooting checklist:


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