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Welcome to the HCI Peer Group Conference, being held VIRTUALLY February 22-26, 2021.

Virtual Peer Group Sponsorship Opportunities

We know that you could really benefit from having extra time with Bankers to promote your destination or attraction during the 2021 Virtual Peer Group conference. Partners and PTOs can promote their destination or attraction throughout the conference via something that we are calling VidEvents.

What's a VidEvent? It is an entertaining destination presentation such as a live or recorded performance, tour or video promotion which you produce that will whet the appetites of our delegates.

When you decide to sponsor a VidEvent, you can choose from a variety of available time slots on the conference schedule to have your content appear on the screen of every delegate.  Our bankers will appreciate the quality and creativity of the education, entertainment and experience to which you treat them.  So whether you place your content during an introduction to a general session, a coffee break, lunch time or during a happy hour, you can be assured that every delegate will experience the best you have to offer - because you create it!!

VidEvent Opportunities

$95         5-Minute VidEvent
$195     15-Minute 
$395     30-Minute 


VidEvent recordings will be pre-screened by HCI to ensure quality and time limits are acceptable. Therefore, they must be submitted and paid for by February 1, 2021.

Contact Tina at 952-835-6543 or Tina@HeritageClubs.com for more information.

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